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Teeth whitening is a safe clinical Teeth whitening is a safe clinical procedure that involves exposing the visible surface of the teeth to a chemical agent that removes pigments and clarifies the tone of them to achieve the desired effect, your teeth will be cleaner-looking, radiant and youthful; it can be done at any age, but the patient must pass before a diagnostic consultation to choose the best option for whitening. Tooth whitening should only be done by trained dentists.

Teeth can be pigmented for several reasons: birth, drugs, type of diet, habits such as coffee and snuff, etc. In the first query the dentist determines the probable origin of the pigmentation and whitening expectations, then he takes a record of the initial tone of your teeth to compare the effect of tone at the end of treatment.

There are two types of whitening: the first one uses a bucket or “molds” that we made to fit your teeth and which you will use for a few days at home while you are sleeping, and carrying a whitening substance. The second type of whitening is done in 2 hours in the office and for that, we use light in the frequency spectrum. Both types of bleaching are effective and very safe when performed correctly by professionals.

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